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For 30 years we have been serving the Triangle area, otherwise 
known as the "Heart of Carolina".  We are lucky to have 
such loyal and friendly customers.  
Some of the skills which we offer are listed below:

All locksmiths on site are Licensed, Bonded, Certified and Insured.
Lockouts Opening locks on doors, residential and offices. Yes, we use "picks" and other devices you have seen in movies.   We guarantee no damage.
Rekeying and Masterkeying Changing the tumblers in your locks, guaranteeing that the old key will not work. Also, Masterkeying for 2-10,000 locks.
Lock installation Whether deadbolts for your home or panic bars and mortise locks for business, we can provide expert installation of all locking hardware varieties.
Access Control:
Card Access, Digital Keypads
Electronic locks are here in force.  We keep our locksmiths updated to install and service all the newest hardware.  Power supplies, wiring, controllers, and connection wiring.
Safe Servicing Keep your safe in good working order with a comprehensive cleaning/adjustment service every 2-years.  This is much, much less expensive than a "lockout."
Door Servicing Storefront door pivots,  hollow metal doors and hinges.  You are not secure if your door doesn't close well. 
Keys (of course) Lost keys, duplicate keys, originate keys, keys by code, hard-to-find keys,  antique keys, safe deposit keys. The short list?:  we have keys!
Complete mobile shops Our locksmith vans come to you, ready with parts and training to do it all...right there!

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