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The unique design of the BF series of AMSEC safes combine all the features of a high quality burglary safe with those of a fire rated safe.  

Key Benefits

Burglary Rating: "B" (standard commercial rating)
Fire Rating: UL 350 1 hour @ 1700
Dial Combo Lock: Up to 1,000,000 unique combinations, can be changed to new number at any time.
Optional Electronic Keypad Lock Adds $320.00

Bolt Down Installation: Safe is secured to the floor using steel bolt anchors, each with a 3,000 lb. holding strength. Safe has pre-drilled mounting holes inside and can be bolted securely to both wood and concrete floors.

Available in three sizes.

Safe Data:



BF2116 BF3416
Inside   15"h x 12"w x 13"d 21"h x 16"w x 14"d 34"h x 16"w x 16"d
Outside 20"h x 17"w x 18"d 26"h x 21"w x 20"d 39"h x 21"w x 21"d
Clear Door 15" x 12" 21" x 16" 34" x 16"
Interior  2,340 cubic inches 5,024 cubic inches 8,976 cubic inches
Weight 288 Pounds 476 Pounds

628 Pounds

Interior shelves (1) (1) (2)
Bolt Anchor holes (1) (1) (1)





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