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We sell and install Keri Access Control systems. The Keri system has many features that makes it easy to use, and to make changes in the system. All programming is done through one of your office Pentium Laptop or Desktop computers, and it does not require a dedicated computer nor does the computer have to be on for the system to operate. It is easy to program, and easy to understand. All menus are in plain English and use Windows® screens and buttons. Because all of the changes are made from your desk, and not at each door in your system, you will save time and money. 

Some of the special features of the Keri system controllers are listed below:

bulletDoors can be programmed to unlock and lock at a preset time of day.
bulletSchedules are programmed on screen using standard clock format.
bulletHolidays can be programmed several years in advance. You can arrange for the building to automatically remain locked on Holidays and special occasions.
bulletThe building can be "locked down" early by clicking a button on your screen, should you ever have to close at short notice due to storms, or snow.
bulletIf no one can get to the building in the morning, because of the weather, the building will not unlock itself, This is called the "First Person In" option, and will prevent an empty building from being vulnerable on storm days.
bulletBattery backup for the power supply and within the controller itself. This helps to keep information safe up to (30) days without power.
bulletIf all the information did become corrupt, due to wild power surges, lightning, or error; All of your information can be downloaded from your computer to the controller board in just a couple of minutes.
bulletEach door can be on an individual schedule, and the cards can be programmed to open one or more doors.
bulletSome cards can be programmed to open doors 24-7, while others will only work during specific periods.
bulletThe card readers are Proximity type that will read the cards from inches away.
bulletMultiple site locations and buildings can be controlled from one location by modem access.
bulletReports can easily be generated showing all usages of cards, granted, and denied access of doors, and when the card was used.

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